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Compliance Reporting

Welcome Message

Welcome to Your Company's confidential, anonymous web submission system. Your Company has established this system to enhance communication within the company, and to provide employees with a means to anonymously communicate with Management. We respect and value each of your opinions, and hope you will feel comfortable using this website to communicate your feedback.


This confidential reporting system has been developed for the receipt, retention, and treatment of complaints and potential compliance issues received by Your Company regarding internal processes, compliance matters, as well as general feedback you may have concerning other issues. All submissions are made anonymously and will be directed to the appropriate individual(s) within the Company. This is not intended for reporting complaints regarding Human Reource issues. If you wish to report concerns over these matters, you should review your Employee Handbook.

Standards and Ethics

Your Company is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in its compliance affairs and reporting. In accordance with applicable law, persons who in good faith report evidence of known or suspected compliance improprieties will not be retaliated against because of such reports.

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